Empowering Developers with a Faster and More Affordable Way to Build Sustainable Communities

Why Developers Value Working
with EchoStone

Our Innovative Process
Enhances Developer Profits

With the three components of the EchoStone Housing System on site, developers can reduce waste, labor, and material costs.

Our Technology Increases
Productivity and Performance

 We offer the capacity to build high-quality, resilient, and sustainable structures in as little as 3 days.

Our Experienced Team Becomes
an Extension to Yours

 We engage on-site from the beginning and work hand-in-hand through the duration of the project.

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How the EchoStone
Housing System Works


Getting Started with the Right Foundation

Housing sites/plots are prepared simultaneously. EchoStone works with contractors to ensure foundations and slabs are built in advance of formwork operation.

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How the EchoStone
Housing System Works


Organization and Preparation

EchoStone works with contractors to implement the site logistics plan for positioning of materials and equipment.

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How the EchoStone
Housing System Works



EchoStone formwork is lightweight, modular, and easy to move. Installation of formwork is done by hand with no heavy-lifting equipment. With improved job site safety, an efficient formwork team installs and completes setup in as little as 1 day.

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How the EchoStone
Housing System Works


Monolithic Pour

EchoStone’s monolithically poured houses allow for greater insulation and structural integrity. Because all pours are continuous and monolithic, both slab and wall pours are completed in less than a single day.

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How the EchoStone
Housing System Works


Removal of the Forms

After the monolithic pour, formwork can be removed the next day, allowing for finishing work to immediately begin.

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Global Affordable Housing Projects


Peridot Parklands Estate is a 252-unit affordable housing community in Lagos. This IFC EDGE Advanced community is the first green-certified community in all of Nigeria and an important step to addressing the housing deficit in Nigeria.


Oasis Village is a large-scale affordable housing project within greater Accra region. This anticipated IFC-EDGE green community is a collaboration between Vanguard Assurance, Africa Building Partners and EchoStone, and will include over 1,000 units over two sites.


Haciendas de San Antonio is the first-ever green-certified community in Panama. The first completed phase includes 124 semi-detached duplex units with integrated community features including road networks and waste water treatment facility.

How People Benefit from
the EchoStone Housing System