The Problem

Housing promotes economic growth, improves social justice, ensures better healthcare as well as education, and enhances global stability, security, and sustainability. Today, however, the world faces a severe housing crisis that traditional housing methods cannot solve.

  • Over 330 Million households do not have access to adequate housing
  • By 2025, it is expected to grow to 440 Million households
  • This shortage will impact over 1.6 Billion people
  • Threatening global security, social health, and economic well-being

Existing construction methods are slow, inefficient, rooted in the past, and incapable of effectively scaling to meet the tremendous demand. Current systems are also not sustainable and are heavily reliant upon polluting factories, large trucks ferreting concrete across the world, and energy-intensive construction methods. All this amounts to one massive carbon footprint, but EchoStone has the solution.

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