Technology’s Role in the EchoStone Housing System

The EchoStone Housing System is composed of three main components: Technology, Methodology, and Design & Planning. With the best technologies and practices to meet their efficiency goals, EchoStone deploys these components to help developers produce affordable, high-quality, and sustainable housing communities.
Technology is the core component of the EchoStone Housing System. We provide developers and contractors with the education and training needed to seamlessly adapt and integrate our high-quality technology into their projects.

Our Proven Technology

At EchoStone, we continuously research and develop high-quality, eco-friendly, and innovative technology and construction materials to provide a complete system for core and shell that standardizes and controls quality construction for scalability and sustainability.

Mobile Concrete Machine and Proprietary Cellular Concrete Formula

The mobile concrete machine utilized by EchoStone is a state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind, computerized, mobile “concrete factory on wheels.” It produces consistent, continuous, monolithic pours on location in almost any environment. It is controlled by an intuitive interface with data logging for controlling the mixing of ingredients and desired output densities. Significantly saving on time and waste, our machines have the capacity to produce concrete at a rate comparable to 5 standard concrete trucks – across 60 meters vertically and 200 meters horizontally.

High-quality Composite Formwork

We utilize a world-class modular formwork that is lightweight, reusable, and recyclable. This highly configurable formwork supports the continuous, monolithic pour of concrete that is fed from the EchoStone machine, resulting in a structure with extreme strength, durability, and longevity. 

Benefits of Our Technology

Build at Speed

Onsite concrete production with world-class formwork optimizes construction operations.

Build at Scale

EchoStone provides machines and formwork determined by the project’s Building Program, to facilitate the required speed and scale of development.

Build Superior

EchoStone’s Cellular Lightweight Concrete and innovative method of construction create high-quality core and shell finishes that reduce costs.

Build Sustainable

EchoStone’s technology catalyzes sustainability performance and IFC EDGE certification through energy and carbon reduction.


What’s Ahead

An important aspect of EchoStone’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is the continuous drive towards advancing EchoStone’s Housing System.  At our global HQ, our pursuit for innovation has three primary objectives: improve efficiency, lower the carbon emissions, and develop a suite of products that complement the EchoStone Housing System. Focusing on these objectives ensure that we can continuously innovate and offer competitive advantages in areas of cost reductions, quality, and sustainability to our valued customers and partners.

Not only do we seek to ensure our technology meets our value proposition objectives but our global innovations act as a “hub and spoke” to our in-market operations. A critical part of EchoStone’s operations and customer projects requires local technology approvals and product testing. As such, all local technology advancements and testing are done in collaboration with our centralized operations team, to ensure that best practices acquired through our headquarters and each of our other markets, can be carried forward to all markets.

By increasing efficiency with our housing system, we will increase profits by reducing construction time and minimizing the amount of waste and associated costs. By investing in technology advancements and new products, EchoStone will be able to ensure our future competitiveness in what can best be described as an aggressively competitive construction technology sector.

We also recognize we can’t do this alone.  We identify and build strategic relationships with groups that help us carry out our established priorities and new product (R&D) initiatives successfully. These include private construction technology experts, academic research institutions, international research laboratories, commercial vendors, non-profit trade associations, and more. We look forward to continued innovations that will better serve affordable and sustainable housing for future generations to come.

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