System Technologies

EchoStone provides construction systems for developers. With the best technologies and practices to meet their efficiency goals, EchoStone building systems deploy these components to help developers produce affordable, high-quality, and sustainable housing communities.

  • In-Situ Concrete Machines
  • High-quality Composite Formwork
  • Proprietary Cellular Concrete Formula
  • EDGE Green Building Certification 

echostone system cellular concrete machine

Material Production

EchoStone is an exclusive supplier of this innovative machine, which is designed to consistently and continuously produce cellular concrete at high velocity in any environment. These machines enable:

  • Universal concrete production from buildings to infrastructure
  • Mobile, computerized, concrete-production from raw materials on-site
  • Vertically-capable, self-leveling, and continuous concrete pours between 9 to 25m3 per hour
  • Long-reach pumping ability: 60m vertically and 200m horizontally

echostone system formworkFormwork System

Peri’s DUO™ formwork system enables monolithic structures, consistent and high-quality production with characteristics to streamline the construction process, including:

  • A universally applicable modular form set for walls, interior partitions, and roofing
  • Ergonomic, crane-free handling, and intuitive application
  • Reusable and recyclable components made from the highest-quality technical polymers
  • Thermal stability at wide temperature ranges (-30°c to 70°c)


echostone concreteBuilding Material

EchoStone uses cellular concrete as the system's primary building material. CLC has been rigorously tested by the Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute (RISE/CBI) for structural use and offers:

  • Reduced cost of raw material and lower carbon footprint
  • Reduced drying speed for faster construction
  • Increased thermal insulation against both heat and cold
  • Superior fire resistance and soundproofing qualities; Rated “A1” in fire safety

Innovative Construction Materials

EchoStone is committed to ongoing research and development to employ the highest-quality, most-sustainable, and innovative construction materials. An example includes the research of monofilament polypropylene fibers.

The use of polypropylene fillers will (mostly) eliminate iron rebar in EchoStone house walls. It also supports shorter construction times and reduced storage, warehousing, logistics.

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