Governance, Methods, & Materials

Sustainability is embedded in our company culture and is a key driver of our values and mission of EchoStoneAs we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and other global initiatives, we recognize our responsibility to operate in ways that contribute to advancing progress on these critical issues. We apply internationally-recognized best practices and standards to integrate our business, corporate policies, and strategies to our practice. 
As a global company, we understand that our actions must positively impact the communities we serve.

The innovative EchoStone Housing System builds safe, resilient and ecologically-friendly communities that foster a long-lasting impact environmentally, economically and socially for all.

Our Pillars of Sustainability

EchoStone’s sustainability framework includes three main pillars: Environment, Society and Economy. EchoStone is committed to designing and producing sustainable housing solutions with reduced carbon footprint, resilience to climate change, and reduced energy demands in the short-term during the construction phases, as well as for the long-term operation and maintenance by future owners.

Environment: EchoStone strives to ensure that our communities and construction operations leave a positive impact on the environment. This means we look to reduce carbon emissions, use innovative methods to maximize natural resources such as solar and rainwater capture, and meet global environmental and climate standards.

Society: EchoStone builds communities that are not just sustainable, but dignified. Through EchoStone’s sustainability practices and related partnerships, EchoStone designs communities with families in mind with a goal of creating a positive impact on society.  We achieve this from making an economic impact through utilization of local labor during construction operations all the way through the master community design and integrated partnerships (i.e. with NGOs) that supports making an impact on local economies.

Economy: Building sustainably makes good economic sense in the short- and long- terms at multiple levels. By designing with nature, we preserve vital environmental systems as well increase profitability.

1. International Standards & Affiliations

EchoStone reinforces sustainability practices through strategic partnerships, memberships, and affiliations.  By actively engaging in international organizations that lead the way in sustainability, EchoStone is able to strengthen our value proposition and ultimately deliver more to the communities we support. We are proud to have the following sustainability affiliations to support our mission:

World Bank Group/IFC EDGE Certification
EchoStone homes are certified through significant reductions in homeowners’ energy, water consumption, embodied carbon, and life cycle carbon.

US Green Building Council (USGBC)
Our membership reinforces EchoStone’s commitment to maintaining industry best practice standards in building design, construction, and operations.

2. Corporate Social Responsibility

Since 2018, EchoStone has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption. We integrate these important values throughout our business including our corporate strategies, policies, sustainability frameworks, and day-to-day operations.

3. Application of Sustainability to Community Development

EchoStone’s sustainability framework promotes a community-centric approach to development.  Our purpose is to build communities that are not just ecologically friendly but are designed from the beginning with families at the center. This means ensuring the master community plan, home designs and construction is tailored to the local context and supports a safe and resilient environment families can be proud of.

  • Site Assessment and suitability analysis
  • Master planning
  • Home designs
  • Construction
  • Management

4. Climate Change

The EchoStone Housing System construction process is eco-friendly and sustainable, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of housing construction as compared to traditional methods. We support locally sourced materials and labor, minimal amounts of materials required, coarse aggregate is removed from the concrete production process, and eco-friendly materials.

CLC Production Process:

  • Direct and on-site
  • Reduces transportation and fossil fuels
  • Adheres to strict international sustainability standards


  • “Design with nature” approach to site and buildings
  • Reusable Formwork used to form slabs and walls
  • Finishes of houses are paint-ready and require no further insulation


  • Extended durability of CLC for the longevity of the structure
  • Risk reduction with use of CLC
  • Recyclable, non-toxic materials used in the production of CLC
  • Reduced construction material waste

The embodied carbon intensity per gross building area of the is an estimated 37% lower than a modeled reinforced concrete building of identical size and location.

5. Optional Off-grid Sustainability Features

The EchoStone Housing System easily integrates customized sustainability features at additional cost:

Passive solar for hot water and energy production:

  • Micro-Wind energy
  • Solar hot water system
  • Composting toilets
  • Greenhouses for onsite, food production
  • Solar PV panels with inverters
  • Greywater storage and reuse
  • Rainwater harvesting system
  • Landscaping to create a comfortable microclimate, minimal external reflective paving

Design for a 64 m2 single-family residence in Panama is estimated to contribute 11% less life cycle carbon emissions compared with an identical building constructed using conventional materials and practices in Panama.