Praderas del Valle en Tanara
Pacora, Panama

Project Overview

Praderas del Valle is one of the largest affordable housing projects in Panama. The 5-phase master-planned project will have over 1,700 units and is owned by a highly reputable developer, Casas Grandes. With over 30 years of experience, Casas Grandes continues to innovate in affordable housing. By adopting the EchoStone system, the Praderas del Valle project will set a new standard in affordable housing in Panama, delivering low-cost and high quality, sustainable construction.

Project Details


The project consists of over 1,700 units across 5 master-planned phases. EchoStone’s initial engagement in the project is to support the execution of the first phase, totaling over 400 units.


The initial phase of the project is intended to be completed in 2 years, with the entirety of the project phases to be completed in 5-7 years. Depending on market conditions, the project is poised and planned to be scaled up as selling capacity increases from the pandemic rebound.

Sustainability Features

The Praderas del Valle project benefits from having a thoughtful master plan to accommodate a large-scale community.  This includes carefully planned green spaces, pedestrian and road networks, drainage infrastructure, and more.


Additionally, with the homes constructed with CLC using the EchoStone system, greater insulation is achieved in the homes providing sustainability performance in both heat and cold temperatures. This overall will reduce utility expenses and improve the liveability of the homes for residents.

Community Impact

  • Significant reduction in homeowner utility costs through sustainability performance
  • Increase in the supply of high quality affordable housing units in the Panama east market
  • Model project in affordable housing combining affordability with quality

Development Impact

In Panama many of the affordable housing developments have similar homes, and it is critical for developers to find ways of differentiation. The Praderas del Valle project by Casas Grandes has been able to enhance the marketability of their homes by working with EchoStone. The homes are built as monolithic structure of CLC, increasing the sustainability performance and creating a more attractive product for homeowners.


Additionally, labor efficiencies have been realized through the standardization of construction, due to the simplified and streamlined process of using the EchoStone system.


How People Benefit from
the EchoStone Housing System