Peridot Parkland

Peridot Parkland | 9,000,000 ₦

Idale, Badagry

Periodot Parklands is 250-units built of highest quality materials, modern, affordable and eco-friendly 2-bedroom bungalows located in the Nigeria’s commercial nerve, Lagos state.

It is strategically placed at the border town of Badagry, a rustic, idyllic town with rich historical background, coastlines, peninsulas and breath-taking scenic views. Badagry’s flora and fauna, untouched and untapped eco-system, makes it an all-round appealing environment to own a home while savouring the best of nature’s gifts.                                             


Periodot Parkland which is a joint venture between the Lagos State Government Ministry of Housing and EchoStone Development Nigeria ensures that your homes are ready at a set time-line and ultimately raises the bar in real estate construction in Nigeria.

Peridot Parkland houses are built using our proprietary Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) at EchoStone. CLC has several advantages which include:

  • Tremendous compression and tensile strength
  • Superior soundproof and fire resistance (A1 rating)
  • Improved thermal insulation against both cold and heat
  • Hydrophobic properties enabling the structure to dry within hours


Apart from being close to pristine natural conditions and the rich cultural history, Badagry can also boast of having the following:

SECURITY- Being a border town, there is quite some security presence in Badagry with Military and Para-military security agencies; this makes it one of the most secure areas in the Lagos metropolis.

TOURIST ATTRACTION- Badagry is also host to a lot of resorts and beaches for relaxation, parties and picnics, one of such popular ones being Whispering Palms Resort. It’s potential as one of the most viable and worthwhile tourists’ attraction in Lagos cannot be overemphasized.

MAJOR BORDER TOWN- Badagry is one of Nigeria’s most important border towns, with Seme Border, Benin Republic just 10 minutes-drive away which adds to its economic viability.

ACCESSIBILITY- Badagry is an important location and the Lagos State Government recognizes this with the on-going constructing a 10 lane – dualised road stretching from Badagry and through Lagos Island; there is also a light rail system covering the same stretch. This translates to ease of access which ultimately brings capital appreciation of properties in that axis.


Medium-density housing
Attached & Semi-detached units
62.2 square meters each
9 million Naira per unit


62.2 sqm
1- Bathroom
Living/Dining Space
Ease of Title
Car Park for 2
Garden Beds
Plumbing & Electrical
Front & Back Entrance with Patio
Low-Flow Faucets & Shower Head
Energy Efficient Lighting


Security & Gatehouse
Power Supply
Potable Water with Water Reticulation System
Sewage Reticulation System
Car Parks
Street Lights
Green Areas & Private Playground
Badagry Recreational Park Access


Family Homes Funds
CityCode Bank