Peridot Parkland Estates
Badagry, Nigeria

Project Overview

Built in partnership with the Lagos State Government and EchoStone Development Nigeria, this community of over 250 units was designed to be affordable, high-quality, and accessible to the growing population of Lagos. Each 2 bedroom unit includes: land in front & back, two car parks, integrated water & electric, security, community park access, monthly payment options, and much more!

Project Details


This project included a complete integrated community development by EchoStone, including home construction, road and wastewater infrastructure, water management, playground areas, and more. The project included 252 single-story rowhouse bungalow units that are 2bed and 1bath and 64m2 in size. The community includes a state-of-the-art front entrance gate and guard house with a road and pedestrian walking network to serve the residents. It is the first EDGE-certified housing community in Nigeria.


The project was construction over 24 months between 2019-2020.

Sustainability Features

The homes were designed to reduce energy and water usage, helping residents to save on utility costs. Energy-saving lighting, reflective paint and tiles, insulated concrete walls, and external shading devices contribute to the homes’ energy savings, while low-flow plumbing fixtures contribute to the homes’ water savings.


In addition to the green spaces and community amenities, each home has 53% energy savings, 42% water savings and 35% overall carbon footprint reduction.

Haciendas de San Antonio En Pacora has received
EDGE Advanced certification
from thinkstep-SGS.

Community Impact

  • Significant sustainability performance – reduction in water and energy utility expenses
  • Community amenities including security perimeter fencing, wastewater treatment facility and road network
  • Hundreds of jobs created in the local community
  • Model project in affordable housing combining affordability with quality

Development Impact

The Peridot Parkland Estate project was a breakthrough in affordable and green housing in Nigeria. At just 9mil Naira (~$24k USD), the housing units were truly affordable for the local population. The community serves as a model of affordable and sustainable housing in Nigeria, which has the largest affordable housing deficit in all of Africa.


In 2019, EchoStone was a finalist at the international Public Private Partnership (PPP) awards hosted by Concordia (a UN General Assembly side event) in New York City. This PPP serves as a global model of development impact for its positive impact towards reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


How People Benefit from
the EchoStone Housing System