Our Solution

EchoStone™ Housing System

Our mission is to rapidly construct high-quality housing for low and middle-income communities, at scale.

EchoStone™ combines best-in-class design, development, and construction elements to achieve high-quality housing standards for communities in need.

EchoStone™ also offers governments, non-governmental organizations, and real estate developers in emerging markets greater opportunities to build high-quality housing at far greater speed and scale.

echostone machine1. State-Of-The-Art Technology

The EchoStone™ system is a meeting of the industrialization of labor and technology. At the center of the system is the Swedish-designed EchoStone™ machine, high-quality concrete (CLC) and reusable panel formwork. These innovative technologies replace the use of steel, aluminum, plywood, and cinder blocks with no heavy-lifting equipment required.

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echostone site operations2. EchoStone™ Construction Methodology

All construction operations are guided and standardized by a proprietary job site operations plan. Our innovative approach uses lean design and construction concepts, value engineering, and procurement solutions to allow for rapid, scalable, and consistent quality construction.

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3. High-Quality Structures

Invented in Sweden in 1904, EchoStone utilizes CLC because it is scalable, more environmentally friendly, and quicker to set than traditional concrete. CLC also retains the same tensile, compression, and rigidity standards of traditional concrete while offering many advantages.

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echostone housing panama4. EchoStone™ Sustainability

EchoStone™ delivers an ecologically-friendly approach to building communities that are EDGE Certified under World Bank Group/IFC and use innovative and sustainable designs and materials. EchoStone™ engages internationally-recognized sustainability experts for modern community designs and ecologically-friendly add-ons including solar panels, rainwater capture, and more.

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