Oasis Village
Prampram, Ghana

Project Overview

The Oasis Village project is the first-of-its-kind affordable housing community in Ghana. The project is located in Prampram, within the greater Accra region, to the east of Accra city center.  The project is innovative for many reasons. It is private-sector led and truly raises the bar for quality at the affordable housing market segment.  This is the first project in Ghana that has leveraged the EchoStone Housing System.

Project Details


The Oasis Village project will ultimately consist of approximately 1,000 units across two nearby plots (Prampram, Ghana area). The project will include two main unit types: 2 and 3-bedroom semi-detached single story units and a 2-story townhome. The total project will include complete community features and amenities including security perimeter wall, road network, stormwater and drainage system, green spaces, and more.


The project is planned to complete its first 50-100 homes in 2022 with scaleup beginning in 2023. The total project scope is planned to be completed in three years.

Sustainability Features

Sustainability is at the heart of the Oasis Village project. The overall community includes a stormwater management plan that is carefully designed to maximize the natural topography of the site. Additionally, the homes and their respective designs have been planned with EDGE in mind, and planned to complete EDGE certification (registered in early 2022).

The homes will include energy and carbon footprint savings through the CLC and reusable formwork system by EchoStone, and include water and energy saving features such as carefully positioned windows for air flow, LED lightbulbs and low-flow faucets.

Community Impact

  • Serve as one of the only affordable housing communities in the area adding a much needed supply of affordable houses
  • Community amenities including security perimeter fencing, road network, green spaces, and more
  • Hundreds of jobs created in the local community during construction of project
  • Significant reduction in homeowner utility expenses
  • High quality housing for low-income population

Development Impact

The developer of the Oasis Village project was seeking a technology solution that would help reduce construction costs n in order to address affordable housing, but also offer a repeatable and scalable method of construction.  The EchoStone provided machines for the production of Cellular Lightweight Concrete and modular formwork, with training and support, in order to create a building program focused on constructing high-quality concrete shells.


With the use of the EchoStone Housing System, the green-building standard can be met and offers a significant differentiation against other developments in the area.


How People Benefit from
the EchoStone Housing System