How the EchoStone Housing System Works

Our Innovative Construction Process

EchoStone provides a complete core and shell solution that standardizes labor and catalyzes consistent quality and speed of construction. Our easy-to-adopt system is perfect for emerging markets due to our innovative building process. Not only do we provide on-site continuous production on-demand, but we also use CLC, a green building material, which provides us with minimal trucking of materials, fewer materials required, and insulative properties with each and every project we do.

Pre Construction

Operational Planning
and Support

The EchoStone operations team offers much more than technology to our clients. We provide a complete training and onboarding program, which is a critical part that leads to the live action of the core steps for implementing the system.

EchoStone team provides

1. Design & Planning

Formwork design and planning that optimizes construction for efficiency and sustainability

2. Mobilization

Pre-mobilization workshops that include site and material staging plans, formwork execution strategy, and more

3. Training

Training and onboarding of all aspects of implementing the system, including best practices for machine operation, formwork setup and cleaning, and labor operations for efficient delivery

4. Support

Ongoing support and maintenance through the life of the project, always serving as an extension of the customer’s team


The Building Program

The EchoStone System is standardized to enable rapid and scalable construction. While this system has numerous steps from preconstruction to concrete shell completion, there are 5 major steps that are required for a project team to achieve the desired scalability.

Step One

Getting Started with the Right Foundation

Housing sites/plots are prepared simultaneously.  EchoStone works with contractors to ensure foundations and slabs are built in advance of formwork operation.


  • Site is prepared for foundations according to engineering requirements
  • Forms and vapor barrier installed
  • Steel reinforcement and underslab utilities are installed
  • Foundation and slab is poured at the appropriate density of concrete based on engineering requirement
  • Slab is easy to trowel with a smooth finish
  • Slab is cured
Step two

Organization and Preparation

EchoStone works with contractors to implement the site logistics plan for positioning of materials and equipment.


  • Formwork is staged and organized for efficient assembly according to house design
  • Training on equipment, including machines and formwork, is provided to the contractor teams
Step Three


EchoStone formwork is lightweight, modular and easy to move. Installation of formwork is done by hand with no heavy-lifting equipment. With improved job site safety, an efficient formwork team installs and completes setup in as little as 1 day.


  • Color coded formwork drawings at site are easy to follow
  • Steel reinforcement is assembled on slab
  • Formwork is coated in release agent during assembly
  • Primary formwork is installed and anchored to slab
  • Formwork is closed around the inner-wall reinforcement
  • Safety walkways and railings are setup
  • Continuous quality control checks are performed
Step Four

Monolithic Pour

EchoStone’s monolithically poured houses allow for greater insulation and structural integrity. Because all pours are continuous and monolithic, both slab and wall pours are completed in less than a single day.


  • For an individual dwelling, a slab can be poured in as little as one hour, and walls can be poured in as little as two hours
  • CLC fully sets within a day, and formwork is removed after 12 hours
  • Conduit and piping for electrical and plumbing systems are embedded in the concrete for rapid finishing and installation of fixtures
Step Five

Removal of the Forms

After the monolithic pour, formwork can be removed the next day, allowing for finishing work to immediately begin.


  • Formwork is removed systematically in an orderly and planned fashion
  • Formwork is cleaned as necessary during removal process
  • Wall ties and bracing are uninstalled
  • Formwork is moved to the next house for reassembly

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