Haciendas de San Antonio En Pacora
Pacora, Panama

Project Overview

The Haciendas de San Antonio is a residential complex in Pacora, is located at the Paso Blanco junction, a sector known as Río Chico, just 2 km from the Pan-American highway, a few minutes from the Megamall Shopping Center and the first station on line 2 of the metro in nuevo Tocumen.


Haciendas de San Antonio in Pacora, is the first and only community in Panama certified by the global brand for the care of the environment EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies), this being an innovation of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which evaluates, promotes and guarantees the construction of ecological communities around the world, in a faster, easier and more affordable way for the buyer.

Project Details


This project included a complete development by EchoStone, including home construction, road and wastewater infrastructure, water management, playground areas, and more. The project (phase1) included 124 semi-detached units that are 2bed and 1bath and 64m2 in size.


The project was construction over 18 months between 2018-2019.

Sustainability Features

The homes were designed to reduce energy and water usage, helping residents to save on utility costs. Energy-saving lighting, reflective paint and tiles, insulation, and external shading devices contribute to the homes’ energy savings, while low-flow plumbing fixtures contribute to the homes’ water savings.


In addition to the green spaces and community amenities, each home has 32% energy savings, 35% water savings and 58% overall carbon footprint reduction.

Haciendas de San Antonio En Pacora has received
EDGE Advanced certification
from thinkstep-SGS.

Community Impact

  • Significant reduction in homeowner utility expenses
  • Hundreds of jobs created during construction of project
  • High quality housing for low-income population
  • Wastewater treatment and storm water management on site

Development Impact

Pacora is regarded as the industrial hub of Panama and is experiencing growth, increasing the need for development and affordable housing. While demand is strong, the underdeveloped mortgage market has led to steep competition in the offtake of housing.


Early on, developers of the Haciendas De San Antonio project identified the differentiating power of green building. Ultimately, through the EchoStone housing system, they enhanced their operations with efficiencies and brought significant value to homeowners through sustainability performance.


How People Benefit from
the EchoStone Housing System