Our Work in Action

The EchoStone Housing System is an innovative system that supports developers and contractors to build fast, build affordable, build sustainable and build with the highest quality. As a technology provider, EchoStone prides itself in providing world-class construction technology with professional training and support in order to scale up the delivery of affordable housing around the world.

Completed Communities

The images and videos below showcase aspects of the communities in Africa & Latin America that have benefited from using the EchoStone Housing System. These communities have sustainability performance and were constructed with speed and quality.

Completed Concrete Shells

The images and videos below show the end result of the EchoStone system. A high quality concrete shell not only saves time and money, but standardizes delivery in a way that developers and contractors can rely on for consistency and oversight.


EchoStone system includes an innovative machine, Cellular Lightweight Concrete and modular formwork system. The combination of this technology brings quality, affordability and sustainability in affordable housing that hasn’t been achieved before.

Media & Testimonials

EchoStone team is dedicated to making an impact. Throughout the company’s history, EchoStone has been delighted to share their experience and innovation with the world as thought leaders and industry practitioners.

View Our Video Library

Seeing is believing. Videos are at the heart of EchoStone’s media so that partners, customers and stakeholders within the housing value chain can see the work that EchoStone does with its innovative system.