Our Story

We Believe Sustainable
Communities Transform Lives.

That’s why we created the EchoStone Housing System – to enable affordable green building in emerging markets. Our technology helps developers build faster and reduce waste, labor, and material costs. By building sustainable homes at scale, we provide a strong foundation and a better quality of life for those who need it most.


We are EchoStone, an international provider of construction technology solutions.

The Origins of EchoStone

Why did all these houses get destroyed by the earthquake? Why is it taking so long to rebuild them? And what about the people living in inadequate shelters like metal shacks, tents, or on the streets? Why doesn’t government or markets respond to the growing crisis of nearly half a billion home deficit globally?

These were the questions that we asked ourselves while on assignment helping to rebuild the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti where more than 250,000 homes were destroyed on top of an estimated 750,000 preexisting deficit. Our analysis identified three limiting factors: technology, building systems, and financing.

Building sustainably also requires analyzing the embodied carbon, life cycle costs, energy savings, and water, and the context of the houses into communities that provide resiliency, social services, environmental protection, and adaptation to climate change.


Houses in much of the developing world are built most often with concrete blocks. One block at time and often taking three to six months to complete and with poor quality standards that make them vulnerable not only to natural disasters, but also accelerated deterioration over time. Substantial repairs are necessary and required almost immediately and throughout the life cycle.


In these same places, developers and contractors are not situated to build at-scale. They are often small and local, building only a small number of units every year. They lack project management skills that would allow them to build more efficiently.

The same builders lacked financing to improve their productivity. The markets had limited or no access to mortgages and construction financing.


From 2010 to 2015, the founders of EchoStone further researched the global context of affordable housing and would then form the company in Rochester, NY.

Since 2015, EchoStone has developed an innovative housing system, financial approach and commitment to sustainability to be a leading organization with the capabilities and mindset to make an impact in this critical area of humanitarian development.

Our Mission

Empower Developers with Technology Solutions that Create High-Quality, Affordable, and Sustainable Communities.

Core Values

Passion with

Our enthusiasm and determination will drive us to make a global impact on affordable housing through sustainability.

Culture of

We are a people-first organization that respects every teammate and celebrates our diversity.

Excellence in Execution

We deliver the highest standard of quality, safety, and accountability in everything we do.


We believe that we can make an impact on our global mission in how we operate our daily lives and business.

Curiosity +

This is the foundation of our innovation: daring to discover and having the strength to make a change.

Why EchoStone?

Our Innovative Process Enhances Developer Profits

By producing formed Cellular Lightweight Concrete on site, we reduce waste, labor, and material costs.

Our Sustainable Technology Increases Productivity

We have the ability to build high-quality,
green-certified homes in as little as 14 days.

Our Experienced Team Becomes an Extension to Yours

We show up on-site from the beginning and work hand-in-hand through the duration of the project.

Are You Ready to Make an Impact?

See how EchoStone provides technology solutions to create quality homes for people who need them most.

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