Benefits of Inclusive Housing Development and Urban Planning


city park imageFor many years, the real estate industry has been aware of the importance of diversity and inclusion in the development of successful, sustainable, cities. Particularly regarding housing, which is proven to promote growth in developing and advanced economies alike, according to McKinsey. In this article, we take a look back at a piece from World Architecture Community titled, “Diversity is the Key Aspect in Urban Planning, Discussed At Inclusion Forum of MIPIM 2019.”

The session mainly focused on:

  • Spatial, social, and economic factors of inclusive cities
  • How the industry can work towards community cohesion & diversity involvement
  • Challenges of building socially inclusive cities

General Framework for Inclusive Cities

While discussing the inclusive cities in a general framework, panelist Alexandra Hagen - Chief Executive Officer at White Arkitekter, said that there four elements that should be considered for inclusive cities.

  • Designing housing for all people
  • Need for attractive destinations
  • Designing green spaces, and
  • Investing in public spaces

Hagen added, "also investing in beauty and aesthetic is another factor that drives inclusive cities.”

Setting a Local Agenda

"First, we need to consider by asking what do we really want to achieve while setting our own agenda," added Rui Moreira - Mayor of Porto, Porto City Hall. "Re-branding cities, of course, is very important but we also need to create two aspects in urban planning:

  • Comfortable spaces
  • Interesting spaces

Moreria asserts, these are the simple aspects of creating a diverse urban planning in cities.

Community Involvement

The panelists also stressed that architects and urban planners should design and think for every people. A key part of this is engagement with the local community in urban planning processes, said Bea Sennewald - Director of Projects, Article 25. Cities are growing exponentially, and we need to:

  • Engage with local people and community to establish understanding
  • Solve the basic demands of small-scaled neighborhoods
  • Investment in multi-leveled economic scales

Incorporating Affordable Housing

Building affordable housing doesn't mean that architects should use low-cost materials, or strict design specifications. Developing affordable housing is about a holistic approach to community planning that incorporates:

  • Quality public spaces, that enrich communities
  • Mixed-income housing, that preserves positive economic growth, and
  • Reducing cost of construction through innovation

At EchoStone, we believe that real estate and housing is at the center of sustainable development.  That is why we work with developers and contractors to provides sustainable solutions to accelerate the development of housing. So more people can have access to adequate housing, and more communities can experience the benefits of inclusive development. If you’d like to expedite your construction process, make an affordable housing project more profitable, and lower the total cost of ownership for your next project, please contact us at

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