First Eco-Friendly Community in Panama


Haciendas de San Antonio in PacoraArvec Anteproyecto and EchoStone are the developers of the first eco-friendly community in Panama, Haciendas de San Antonio in Pacora, certified by the global brand for environmental care EDGE (Excellence in Design for Higher Efficiencies), this being an innovation of the Financial Corporation International (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, which evaluates, promotes and guarantees the construction of ecological communities around the world in a faster, easier and more affordable way to the buyer.

Hundreds of Panamanians will enjoy the privilege of living in a home that provides direct benefits to the economy of their home, in addition to collaborating with the care of the environment.

This certification guarantees that the house has: 32% energy savings, 35% water savings, 58% savings on materials. The finishes of these residences are certified as eco products, including led bulbs, which makes the energy saving of each home more efficient.

They will have large parks and trails, offering amenities designed for your health. Haciendas de San Antonio is pleased to deliver a quality product, which supports the global movement for the care of the planet, backed by international standards, which gives added value to your investment.

They are homes with two or three bedrooms and a bathroom, which apply to the Solidarity Bond of the Ministry of Housing and Land Management.

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