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The Nigeria Housing Awards and Dinner took place on Friday 26th July 2019 at the International Conference Center Abuja with all leading stakeholders, CEOs and companies in the housing and construction sector present to celebrate each other’s successes in the past year.

The colourful event which marked the end of the 13th Abuja International Housing Show had a lot of special moments including when the award for Best Innovation in Building Construction Award was presented to EchoStone International — a company which adopts High Quality, Rapidly Scalable and Sustainable Construction Concepts.

EchoStone was honored by AIHS because it provides an innovative housing system developed specifically to address large-scale housing shortages by providing proprietary and state-of-the-art construction technology and processes. As such, EchoStone Nigeria has partnered with the Lagos State Government and the National Mortgage Refinance Committee (NMRC) to begin construction of 20,000 houses under the Lagos Affordable Public Housing (LAPH) initiative. The unique EchoStone Construction System is a combination of the Industrialization of Labor meeting Technology.

The company is duly recognised because of its Housing System Advantages and Innovative Technology

For example, the EchoStone 625 Machine is a mobile, computerized, in-situ “concrete-factory-on-wheels” that produces high-quality, consistent, and continuous monolithic pours (not batch) on location in almost any environment. The Machine can produce, depending on density, concrete at a rate equivalent to that of five standard concrete trucks, or 25m3 per hour, and has the capacity to deliver concrete continuously and consistently over 60 meters vertically and 200 meters horizontally. Walls are constructed using customizable, lightweight (gender neutral), easy-to-use, and reusable panel Formwork replacing the use of steel, aluminum, plywood, and cement blocks. No heavy lifting equipment is required for operation.

The use of EchoStone’s cutting-edge 625 Machine in conjunction with the Formwork and the Jobsite Operations Plan has enabled EchoStone to develop and initiate a better and more efficient approach to design and construction from site planning and preparation through finishing. EchoStone’s innovative approach utilizes lean design and construction concepts, value engineering, and procurement solutions to allow for rapid, scalable, consistent, and vertically-capable construction.

EchoStone reduces the traditional housing construction production cycle time from between two and four months to 16 days based on a 64m2 unit. By utilizing three 625 Machines in conjunction with 32 sets of Formwork, the EchoStone System produces 64m2 houses at a rate of eight per day.

The EchoStone System yields an embodied carbon savings of 40% versus traditional construction methods.

The innovative EchoStone Housing System makes it possible for every Nigerian to achieve qualitative and affordable housing.

The fulfilling night was a mix of soothing music, choreography, dining, wining and laughter.

The Nigeria Housing Awards is dedicated to rewarding excellent performers in the housing and construction sector and to inspire creativity and the kind of hard work that will drive affordable housing in Nigeria.

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