Construction Innovation Award Honors EchoStone at Africa’s Largest Housing Show


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Among the 400 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors at the Abuja International Housing Show (AIHS), EchoStone stood out for their innovation in construction. Dedicated to the development of affordable housing, EchoStone’s scalable, eco-friendly, and cost-saving solutions were received with enthusiasm throughout the conference. Ultimately, EchoStone was the announced winner of the 2019 Nigeria Housing and Construction Awards in the category of Innovation in Construction.

The Innovation in Construction Award honors those in Nigeria’s construction sector that have developed cutting-edge innovations, technologies, services, or processes that have led to total change, or significant improvement of the industry. As an international solutions provider, EchoStone received the award through their local LLC – EchoStone Development Nigeria. Together the companies provide a sustainable and regionally focused approach to construction that supports capacity building and development through housing.

The core components of EchoStone innovations include construction materials, construction technology, and jobsite operations. These components represent a combination of the best in Swedish construction technology and US operational excellent. Throughout the development of each community the International Finance Corporation (IFC), EDGE (“Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies”), evaluates the green building standards of each development. Through EDGE certification, EchoStone is the first of its kind to provide EDGE certified housing in Nigeria.

“What is needed to address access to affordable housing is empowerment. EchoStone empowers people through affordable housing that is sustainable, healthy, livable, and prosperous,” said Anders Lindquist, EchoStone Co-Founder and President of Business Development, during his speech at the AIHS CEO Forum.

EchoStone has constructed hundreds of houses and plans to build 180,000 houses, in Nigeria, by 2023. Two-bedroom units are now available for purchase, on the outskirts of Lagos in Badagry, Idale. These homes are fully finished, with plumbing, electricity, and fixtures installed. Communities are equipped with water and sewage treatment facilities onsite. Access to public transit, green spaces, and recreation facilities are within each of the gated estates which aim to provide a positive and safe environment for the homeowners and their families.

Parties interested in purchasing one of these properties should contact the EchoStone Nigeria office for details about financing, made possible through partnerships with Family Homes Funds, NMRC, and others.

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