NIESV Nominates Affordable Housing Provider for Honours Nite Award


The Nigerian Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV) of the Lagos State Branch has invited EchoStone, an international solution provider focused on affordable housing, to their 13 Honours Nite Awards. Furthermore, EchoStone Nigeria has been nominated for “Most Innovative Building Material in The Industry.” The event is scheduled to be held in Lagos Thursday, May 23, 2019.

In the invitation, NIESV says the exclusive event will host 250 guests, including Special Guests of Honour, Mr. and Mrs.Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Governor-Elect of Lagos State and his wife. In the past, this ceremony has shared awards of excellence with “deserving icons and huge contributors to the growth of the real estate sector in Nigeria.”

Immediately following the completion of their 14-day pilot project and groundbreaking of their 80-thousand-unit project in the State of Lagos, EchoStone engaged in a national framework agreement to construct an additional 100 thousand houses by the end of 2023. Thanks to the use of the EchoStone Housing System, quality production at this scale is made possible. The system is a combination of proprietary building processes and technologies, including: a mobile concrete machine, that produces material as needed on-site, a modular lightweight formwork, that can be reused to form hundreds of units, and state-of-the art designs that offer a variety of sustainable options for homes and communities.

These projects provide training opportunities for local workers, sustainable and efficient construction methods, affordability measures that benefit homebuyers, while conserving materials and import costs, which has led EchoStone to stand out as a preferred vendor in the region.

“We feel our presence at this event represents a regional commitment to producing affordable housing through innovation,” says Anthony Recchia, EchoStone Co-Founder and CEO, “We’re creating an ecosystem where technology plays a big role in the speed of construction, and the affordability of houses for young people and families.”

Housing experts in Nigeria are being urged to seek technology to secure housing for young homeowners across the country. With a medium age 18.5, Nigeria represents a critical market for the next generation of homebuyers. While the housing market responds to millennial demands for e-commerce and mobile technology, this push has also motivated interest in modern methods for housing development, like the one being offered by EchoStone.

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