EchoStone Technology Overview

As part of our exclusive housing system, EchoStone homes are built utilizing our specialized construction materials:

  • EchoStone Aercrete 625 CLC Machine
  • High-quality Composite Peri DUO™ Formwork
  • Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC)
  • Sustainable IFC EDGE Certified Construction and Finishing Materials

Accredited Research

EchoStone CLC has been rigorously tested by the Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute (RISE/CBI).

EchoStone Aercrete 625 CLC Machine

This innovative machine is designed to consistently and continuously produce concrete at high velocity in any environment through:

  • Mobile, computerized, concrete-production on-site
  • Consistent, high-quality, vertically-capable, self-leveling, and continuous, monolithic pours in any location or environment
  • Concrete production between 9 to 25m3 per hour with the ability to produce a wide range of densities for multiple uses (i.e. roads, sidewalks, foundation slabs, walls, and roofs)
  • Long-reach pumping ability: 60m vertically and 200m horizontally
  • Integration into the EchoStone construction process with formwork to provide sustained, rapid housing construction at a significant scale
  • Elimination of traditional local concrete factories and truck delivery, enabling rapid construction in previously inaccessible locales
  • Use of readily-available, IFC EDGE Certified locally-sourced materials

Composite Formwork

Peri’s DUO™ form system enables consistent, high-quality concrete pours with these important characteristics:

  • Universally applicable: modular forming walls, and interior design partitions using a single system
  • Ergonomics: lightweight for workers of all ages, genders and physical capabilities
  • Crane-free handling, and intuitive application
  • Reusable and easy replacement of form lining (grey material): supports at least 300 pours
  • Recyclable at end-of-product-life cycle
  • Composite form material (black material): made from the highest-quality technical polymers with an estimated life cycle of ten years, at which time it is recyclable
  • Thermal stability at wide temperature ranges (-30°c to 70°c)

Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC)

EchoStone incorporates CLC exclusively due to its advantages over traditional concrete. Invented in Sweden circa 1904, CLC is produced by “blowing” pressurized air into the concrete mixture. The air bubbles allow EchoStone CLC to retain strength characteristics and functional properties of traditional concrete while offering certain advantages:

  • Reduced cost, raw material, and carbon footprint without coarse aggregate material
  • Reduced drying speed and faster construction
  • Increased comfort for homeowners in tropical, subtropical, and colder climates by improved thermal insulation against both heat and cold
  • Hydrophobic properties that do not absorb water from rain or flooding, and limits microbial growth
  • Superior fire resistance and soundproofing qualities; Rated “A1” in fire safety
  • Tremendous compression and tensile strength with improved safety against natural disasters due to lower density (e.g. tsunami, hurricane, earthquake)

Innovative Construction Materials

EchoStone is committed to ongoing research and development to employ the highest-quality, most-sustainable, and innovative construction materials. An example includes the research of monofilament polypropylene fibers.

The use of polypropylene fillers will (mostly) eliminate iron rebar in EchoStone house walls. It also supports shorter construction times and reduced storage, warehousing, logistics.

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