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EchoStone Housing System Advantages:

EchoStone is a better housing solution and provides an innovative Construction System developed specifically to address housing shortages worldwide. The System utilizes “best-in-class” design, development, and construction elements to achieve higher standards for communities in need.

1) Rapid and scalable construction

The EchoStone Aercrete 625 CLC Machine is highly mobile and operates on-site, enabling workers to pour up to four homes per day per two Machines (one Slab Machine and one Wall Machine). Once poured, EchoStone CLC concrete sets within hours, and finishing work can begin immediately. The Formwork for walls is lightweight and requires no heavy equipment for setup or removal. EchoStone finishes are standardized across all houses and easily integrated into them. Combined, those unique Housing System aspects enable EchoStone to build large numbers of dwellings rapidly, at scale, and without sacrificing consistency or quality.

2) Highest-quality construction system technology

The EchoStone construction methodology utilizes innovative concrete, concrete-delivery, and Formwork technology. The technology requires no specialty materials and all inputs are acquired locally. EchoStone dwellings are built using standard construction trades (laborers, plumbers, electricians, etc.) and all labor is hired locally.

3) Consistent quality

The EchoStone construction system is designed for high-volume and consistent quality. Each step of the process is standardized and all elements can be scaled to meet the needs of any community. Due to our emphasis on standardization, all dwellings are built consistently to the required level of quality, regardless of quantity.

4) Eco-friendly and sustainable

Sustainability is a top priority at EchoStone. With the EchoStone Aercrete 625 CLC machine, there is no need for massive cement factories or large cement trucks driving long distances. Thus, EchoStone dramatically reduces the carbon footprint of traditional concrete construction. Additionally, our homes are designed for easy integration with a range of clean energy systems.

5) Dignified living conditions

EchoStone’s primary priority is the creation of high-quality, sustainable houses for communities in need. Every material, every element of construction, and every finish is designed with the final inhabitant in mind. At EchoStone, we continuously pursue a cleaner, better tomorrow.